2014 Trendsetter Awards Gala at The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

Event Date: Wednesday, 12.10.14

Congratulations to everyone on providing the very best the wedding industry can offer this year. On this night we celebrated with friends at one of the most beautiful properties in Orange County at The Island Hotel in Newport Beach.

Here is the highlight video from Hoo Films!

Special thank you to the Trendsetter Committee who produced such a beautiful gala for us –

Panel of Judges

Congratulations to all our winners of the 6th Annual Trendsetter Awards.  Photos taken by Brian Leahy Photography



We started the evening with a signature cocktail poured through an ice luge, an interactive champagne bar by Night Owl Productions by Dolly Design Haus, photo booth by Viral Booth and slo-motion video booth by Lin and Jirsa Photography. When then moved into the holiday inspired ballroom where Keith Laverty, Flowers by Cina and Paradise Delight had a blast designing their own tables and Elevated Pulse made it look like it was snowing on the walls!  There was no doubt we were at the Gala for ABC Orange County with the gold logo on the dance floor and table full of swag bags for winners.  As we listened to the awards, we dined on an ensemble of  .  When the awards were over, Scott Cummings Music helped us keep the night alive with his ensemble dance band and we finished the night off with creative espresso drinks from Conscious Bean.

Relive this amazing night through the incredible photos below by Brian Leahy Photography. We can’t wait to see you next year!

Our 2014 Trendsetter Award Winners

Best Captured Moment: Frank Salas Photography



Best Transformation of Space: Archive Vintage Rentals – “From Empty Field to Barn Wedding”



Best New Idea or Concept: Disney Fairytale Weddings – “Cake Mapping”76-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0290


Best New Memento: Steve Shanahan of Honored Occasions in collaboration with Mike McCaleb and Dan Douglas – Slow Mo Video Booth


Best New Venue: Mary Lallande – The Loft on Pine



Best Overall Theme / Thematic Follow Through – Kelsey Events: Kelsey Connelly Of Kelsey Events- Great Gatsby 1920’s Inspired


Best Supporting Event: Natalie Good of A Good Affair– Showering Her with Love and Good Wishes



Best Tablescape: Kelsey Connelly of Kelsey Events – Modern Garden Romance

Joanie Scott Award Winner: Sharon Gall – Once Upon a Time Weddings


Elevation of Industry: Wendy Dahl – Chic Productions


Member of the Year: John Goolsby – Godfather Films


Trendsetter of the Year: Alan Katz – Great Officiants



Gift Bag Sponsors

Amazing goodies. Valued at over $4,000 for our winners! Thank you very much –

AislePlanner | Andrea’s Couture | Aroos Magazine | Bon Affair Sparkling Wine | Casa Romantica at Rancho Las Lomas | Casey’s Cupcakes | Conscious Bean | Crowbar Burger | Center Club | DoubleTree Santa Ana | Five Crowns | Flawless Faces | Frank Salas Photography | Friar Tux | Happy Photos | HotShot Awards & Engraving | Il Fornaio | LolliPics | Mastro’s Steakhouse | Orange County Wedding Dance | SCE Black Car Service | Scrumptious Wedding & Specialty Cakes | Sugar Paper LA | Tanya Shadoan | Taps Fish House | Tieks | Tustin Ranch Golf Club | Victoria’s Secret

2-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0152 3-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0200 4-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0026 5-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0011 6-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0015 7-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0041 8-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0005 10a-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0492 10-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0213 11-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0204 12-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0055 13-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0054 14-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0044 15-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0042 17-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0038 18-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0201 19-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0047 20-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0051 21-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0049 22-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0219 23-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0249 24-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0225 25-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0196 26-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0221 27-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0226 28-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0224 29-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0098 30-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0110 31-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0127 32-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0125 33-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0138 34-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0094 35-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0088 36-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0070 37-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0077 38-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0140 39a-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0105 39-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0113 40-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0078 41-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0116 42-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0060 43-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0063 44-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0066 45-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0145 46-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0346 47-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0375 48-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0240 49-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0358 50-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0354 51-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0381 52-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0353 53-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0352 54-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0223 55-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0257 56-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0254 57-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0368 58-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0382 59-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0361 60-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0147 61-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0046 62-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0149 63-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0261 64-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0262 65-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0270 66-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0272 67-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0275 68-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0282 69-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0279 70-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0349 71-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0317


87-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0335 88-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0330

91-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0340 92-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0341 93-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0259 94-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0388 95-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0432 96-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0429 97-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0452 98-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0395 99-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0402 100-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0417 101-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0446 102-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0506 103-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0465 104-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0472 105-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0397 106-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0410 107-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0423 108-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0435 109-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0474 110-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0444 111-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0418 112-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0448 113-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0421 114-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0508 115-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0478 116-ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0404 ABC-OCTrendsetters2014Photos-BrianLeahyPhoto-0415

This was just a sampling – all of the photos are available here on Brian’s website!

Event Sponsors

Thank you so much to the sponsors who made the night an extraordinary celebration for everyone!

Venue | The Island Hotel
Coordination | Simply Sweet Weddings and LVL Events
Photography | Brian Leahy Photography
Videography | Hoo Films
Photobooth | Viral Booth
Slo-Motion Photography | Lin and Jirsa Photography
Calligraphy & Stationery | Calligraphy Katrina
Ice Sculpture | Carving Ice
Lighting / DJ / MC | Elevated Pulse Productions
Band | Scott Cummings Music
Florists | Keith Laverty, Flowers by Cina, Paradise Delight
Linens & Rentals | Mikasa Fine Linens, Signature Party Rentals, GBS Linens, Chiavari Chairs 4 Rent, ChiavariChairRentals.com, Baker Party Rentals, Classic Party Rentals, Glow Concepts Fine Linens
Coffee Cart | Conscious Bean
Cocktail Hour Music | Tim Espinosa
Champagne Bar | Night Owl Productions by Dolly Design Haus
Hair & Make-up | Design Visage

Start the new year off on the right foot – register to attend the first ABC-OC event of the year – details coming soon. Happy New Year everyone! It’s been more than a pleasure to blog for you for the last 4 years.

– Bethany Thomas, ABC-OC Communications Chair, Commemory Fine Art

April Meeting: “Master’s Panel” at Balboa Bay Resort

April 8, 2014

by Bethany Thomas, Commemory Fine Art

ABC-OC Communications Chair

They have inspired us with their work and the award winning “Master’s Panel” inspired us with their insights as they each shared their knowledge and experience with us.

But first, the evening started in the foyer of the Balboa Bay Resort with the incredible sounds of the quartet by Scott Cummings Music.

The conversation was flowing and gaining momentum (and volume) as everyone reconnected on the building of the wedding season and the happenings of the last month.

Once inside, we were greeted to a room that was transformed to a beachy cool scene that could have been the set of a trendy talk show with the gorgeous lighting and stage decor thanks to Found Rentals.

In recognition of 17 years of service in the wedding industry in bouquet preservation for brides, Marianne Besseling of Nature’s Beauty received a custom painting created by Bethany Thomas of Commemory Fine Art as a retirement gift from ABC-OC. Created with dried roses and ranunculus flowers with quotes from her clients and fabric from a wedding dress, it was a wonderful homage to the service Marianne has provided to her clients with such care and dedication that she can treasure always.

What did you take away from the Masters? Their marketing insights? Their thoughts on social media? Managing expectations? Where they find inspiration?

Here are some memorable sound bites as takeaways from each of them.  –

  • “Social media, word of mouth, venues, knocking on every hotels door in the beginning, doing all the shows, sponsoring everything, not saying no to opportunities that come to get your name out there.”
  • “Stay true to who you are and your style.”
  • “You never know what connection will lead you to.”
  • “Be nice to everyone and good things will happen.”
  • “Find your village – the people that get you and are excited about you.”
  • “Let vendors shine and do what they do.”
  • “Expectations are unreal sometimes with social media like Pinterest. Break it down up front on how things will go.”
  • “Be open to ask for help.”
  • “Use SCORE – they are retired business owners that are generous. Get expertise from the experienced.”
  • “Invest in ABC and your peers. It’s an amazing network of talented people.”

Enjoy the artful images by master photographer, Frank Salas

The Masters:

Honored Occasions, Steve Shanahan
Victor Sizemore Photography, Victor Sizemore
Design Visage, Caren Lazarus
Found Rentals, Jeni Maus
Kristin Banta Events, Kristin Banta
Nisie’s Enchanted Florist, Nisie Vorachard
Plug Wedding Films, Dan Douglas
Wildflower Linens, Youngsong Martin
Reverend Clint Hufft

Please like and follow our incredible sponsors:

Venue | Balboa Bay Resort
Flowers | Nisie’s Enchanted Florist
Stationery| Li’K Designs
DJ and Lighting | Carcano DJ
Linens | Wildflower Linens
Rentals | Found Rentals
Photography | Frank Salas Photography
String Quartet | Scott Cummings Music
Dessert | Amazing Cake Creations

When’s the next meeting? Mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 13th is the All-Member Educational Meeting, at The Ranch Saloon 6:00pm-9:00pm. The topic is, “From Overwhelmed to Unstoppable” by Renee Strauss.

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December: Holiday Gala & Trendsetter Awards – St. Regis Monarch Beach

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013 Holiday Gala & Trendsetter Awards

Highlight Video by Plug Wedding Films

What a beautiful evening of glitz and glamour at the ABC-OC Holiday Trendsetter Gala hosted by the St. Regis Monarch Beach!

View the Highlight Video by Plug Wedding Films

Did you feel like a celebrity on the red carpet with the MK Magnets paparazzi taking your photo? Get yours here!

Tray-passed h’orsdeurves signature cocktails and sushi swirled around us as the anticipation began to build about what gorgeous delights were behind the big white doors.

But first, did you take part in the slomo video by Elysium Productions? Take a look at the face slapping, glitter throwing, body twirling action!

The doors opened and  Square Root Designs blew us all away with the rich, lush layers of florals and sparkle as far, high and deep as the eyes could see .

Everyone stayed on the dance floor with Undercover Live – thank you Geoge and the band, wow!

Have you tried UBER for your safe ride home from your next holiday party? Up to $50.00 off for new users. Ride must be in Orange County – uber.com/go/uberoc Offer expires January 31, 2014.

Special thank you to our co-chairs Kevin Covey and Lindsay Longacre for two years of incredible beauty, creativity and education. Stacey Gitten for leading the efforts of the Trendsetter Committee and giving detailed recognition to all the winners and sponsors to make this a successful event. And a big thank you to everyone involved in the evening and all who donated.  Please see all the incredible sponsors below.

Now, for the natural, real and fun images by Joel and his team at Studio EMP!

“We have some of the best wedding talent in the country, right here in Orange County. Tonight we celebrate that talent.”

2013 ABC-OC Trendsetter Award Winners

Photos of the winning concepts will be posted here after the OC Register has published the winner’s submission in February –

Award: Best New Idea or Concept

To: Commemory Fine Art’s Bethany Thomas:

For: Wedding Artwork Décor for Rental or Purchase | www.bethany-thomas.com


Award: Best Overall Theme/Thematic Follow-Through

To: LVL Weddings & Events | http://lvlevents.com

For: Bermuda Nautical Wedding


Award: Best Tablescape

To: Natalie Good of A Good Affair Wedding & Event Production

For: Romance & Blush at The St. Regis | http://agoodaffair.com


Award: Best Design Transformation of Space

To: Absolutely Fabulous Events| http://www.absofab.net

For: Transformation of a rustic space to a contemporary wedding reception with a high-end nightclub vibe


Award: Best Supporting Event

To: Platinum Weddings by Kerrie Underhill  | http://www.platinumweddingsbykerrie.com

For: A one-of-a-kind California Lovin’ Welcome Party for the books!


Award: Best New Memento

To: Chic Productions by Wendy Dahl | http://www.chicproductions.com 

For: Wine Bottle Time Capsules


Award: Best Captured Moment

To: Frank Salas Photography | http://www.franksalas.com

For: Will Always Be Daddy’s Little Girl


Award: Best New Venue

To: Center Club: REINVENTED | http://www.clubcorp.com/Clubs/Center-Club



Award: New Member of the Year

To: Kellie Migliaccio of FormDecor Modern Furniture Rental | http://formdecor.com


Award: Joanie Scott Award

To: Natalie Vishny of Swellegant Events | http://www.swellegant.com


Award: Coordinator of the Year

To: Paula Laskelle of Champagne Taste | http://www.champagnetaste.com


Award: Elevation of Industry

To: Caren Lazarus of Design Visage | http://www.designvisage.com


Award: Trendsetter of the Year

To: Larrissa Rehder of Inviting Occasion | http://www.invitingoccasion.com


Trendsetter Committee


Esteemed Panel of Judges

  • Abby Capalbo, Managing Editor of Style Me Pretty | www.stylemepretty.com
  • Nicole Gregory, Editorial Lead for Celebrations in Orange County Register | www.ocregister.com
  • And Rebecca Grinnals & Kathryn Arce, Founders of Engaging Concepts and the Engage Conference | www.engage13.com

Event Sponsors

St. Regis Monarch BeachOC Register Magazine | Copper Willow Paper StudioStudio EMPSquare Root DesignsPlug FilmsOne Hope WeddingsAkioni SushiMK MagnetsElysium ProductionsSignature Party RentalsUndercover Live Hire Elegance Furniture Rental |  La Tavola LinenElevated Pulse Production |  and Yummy Cupcakes

Gift Bags

The award winners’ gift bags were supported by B Toffee Bella BallroomBleu Cotton PhotographyEvents CliqueFrank Salas Photography|  HotShot Awards & Engraving |  Il FornaioJack Randall PhotographyJessica Elizabeth Photo & CinemaKendra Scott JewelryMastro’s Steakhouse, |  Skybox Productions | Recycled Moments/Holly Schoenke | The Bruery | Center Club | Tustin Ranch Golf Course | Yummy Cupcakes | and ZinGiBer Publishing/Barbara Wallace Weddings

ABC-OC Blogger/Communications Chair | Bethany Thomas | Commemory Fine Art

Start the new year off on the right foot – register to attend the first ABC-OC event of the year at Bella Collina in San Clemente. Mark your calendar for January 14th. Look for the email coming soon. See you there!

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June: Coordinator Beauty Luncheon

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 – Found Vintage Rentals

by Bethany Thomas, ABC-OC Communications Chair
Commemory Fine Art

The June Coordinator Meeting was all about fashion by Leslie Christen, personal fashion stylist. Plus beauty tips and demonstrations by Design Visage!

Leslie encouraged everyone to ‘know your style’ and provided tips on wardrobe and shoe brands she trusts with some simple and insightful tips like having quality foundation pieces to accessorize with fun necklaces, blouses and shoes.

Caren Lazarus, Summer Giaquinta and the Design Visage team encouraged everyone to start with the right foundation as well – whether it’s the first application of hair product to the primer we use under our makeup…the foundation to long-lasting beauty for 12 hour days starts with great products. And they gave us so many brands and easy ideas. Like for your hair, volumizing powder, dry shampoo and pomade are must-haves!

Hosted by Found Vintage Rentals, Jeni Maus and her team gave us creatively cool venue with a crafted collage of furniture, decor and whimsical, lush florals by The Bloom of Time. There was just so much to see from Found, hear from the Anthony Garcia live music, and taste with a delicious lunch provided by Sundried Tomato Cafe.

Thank you to all the sponsors for making this event one to remember!

Venue | Found Vintage Rentals | www.foundrentals.com
Catering | Sundried Tomato | www.sundriedtomatocafe.com
Florals | The Bloom of Time | www.thebloomoftime.com
Photography | Studio EMP | www.studioemp.com
Live Music | Anthony Garcia | www.agarciaguitar.com
Personal Fashion Stylist | Leslie Christen | www.lesliechristenblog.com
Beauty | Design Visage | www.designvisage.com
Paper Goods | Calligraphy by Katrina | www.calligraphykatrina.com
Favor/Desserts | Patty’s Cakes and Desserts | www.pattys-cakes.com
Rentals | Classic Party Rentals OC | www.classicpartyrentals.com


Look for registration information via email and on our Facebook page. See you there!

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December Holiday Gala & Trendsetter Awards: Rancho Las Lomas

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 Holiday Gala & Trendsetter Awards

“What a beautiful night it was at the ABC-OC Holiday Trendsetter Gala. Larrissa Rehder with Inviting Occasions and Jeni Maus with Found Vintage Rentals knocked it out of the ballpark with the cozy winter-lodge decor. Jeannie Lawrence and Kara Felton and Brett Lawrence with Rancho Las Lomas graciously hosted us while 24 Carrots Catering truly created a 5 star dining experience. Thanks to Gini Garner of Gini Garner Events for creating a beautiful gift tree and those that adorned the tree with gift cards for DJ Tasos who is battling cancer it was much appreciated!  A big thank you to all involved and who donated!  A shout out to  all our Trendsetter Award Winners and our Trendsetter of the year Jeni Maus with Found, our honored coordinator award to Sharon Gall, Once Upon a Time Weddings and Susan MacDonald our Joanie Scott recipient. Thank you to Lindsay Longacre, LVL Weddings & Events and Stacey Gitten, Hitching Post Public Relations, for making this a truly successful event!”

                        – Kevin Covey, ABC-OC Co-Chair, Kevin Covey Wedding & Event Coordination

Enjoy the glorious photography by Joseph Martinez Photography. Be sure to see the entire gallery at the bottom of the post…

Stacey Gitten of Hitching Post Public Relations said it best, “We have some of the best wedding talent in the country, right here in Orange County. Tonight was all about celebrating that talent.”

2012 ABC-OC Trendsetter Award Winners

Best New Idea or Concept
Plug Wedding Films – Dan Douglas & Matt Givot

Best New Food Concept, Presentation, or Display
24 Carrots Catering

Best New Memento
Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

Best Captured Moment
Frank Salas Photography

Best Tablescape
Kelsey Events

Best Overall Theme / Thematic Follow Through
Intertwined Events

Best Design Transformation of Space
by Kerri Hatter Weddings & Events

Members’ Choice
Chic Productions

New Member of the Year
Tim Espinosa Entertainment

Joanie Scott Award:
Coordinator of the Year

Sharon Gall, Once Upon a Time Weddings

Elevation of Industry
Wendy Dahl, Chic Productions

Trendsetter of the Year
Jeni Maus, Found Vintage Rentals

Trendsetter Committee


Trendsetter Awards’ Judges


Event Sponsors
Our event could not be possible without our generous sponsors:

24 Carrots Catering and Events | www.24carrots.com
Allison Kate Invitations and Stationery | www.allison-kate.com
Classic Party Rentals | www.classicpartyrentals.com
Elevated Pulse | www.elevatedpulsepro.com
Found Vintage Rentals | www.vintage-rentals.com
Godfather Films | www.godfatherfilms.com
Inviting Occasion | http://www.invitingoccasion.com/
Joe Martinez Photography | http://www.joseph-martinez.com/
Mi Media AV | www.mimediaproductions.com
Napa Valley Linens | www.nvlinens.com
OneHope Weddings | www.onehopeweddings.com
Pharmacie LA | www.pharmaciela.com
Venue and Lighting | Rancho Las Lomas | www.rancholaslomas.com
Shane Jordan Entertainment | http://jme.la
Special Parking Services
The Ticket Kitchen | www.theticketkitchen.com
Gift Card Tree for the Tsirtis Family Donated by Gini Garner www.ginigarnerevents.com

Swag Bag Donors
A sincere thank you to our generous donors who have made the award winners’ gift bags so fabulous (and envious):

Great Officiants, Alan Katz | www.greatofficiants.com
Bottega Louie | www.bottegalouie.com
Rock Me Up Makeup Studio & Spa, Britney Moya | www.rockmeup.com
Commemory Fine Art by Bethany Thomas | www.bethany-thomas.com
Copper Willow Paper Studio | www.copperwillow.com
Design Visage | www.designvisage.com
Erika’s Elegance, Erika Bowers | www.erikaselegance.com
FlowerFusion | www.flowerfusion.net
Hilton Costa Mesa
Godfather Films, John Goolsby | www.godfatherfilms.com
Mastro’s Steakhouse Costa Mesa
ONEHOPE Wine | www.onehopewine.com
Recycled Moments, Holly Schoenke
Superfine Bakery | www.superfinebakery.com
Ticket Chocolate | www.theticketkitchen.com
Two’s a Party | www.twosaparty.com
WineStraws | www.winestraws.com
ZinGiBer Publishing / Barbara Wallace Weddings | www.bwallaceweddings.com

Blogger/Communications Chair | Bethany Thomas | Commemory Fine Art


Start the new year off on the right foot – register to attend the first ABC-OC event, with  world renown speaker, Cindy Novotny! Mark your calendar for January 8th. See you there!

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October Coordinator Progressive Luncheon: OC Mart Mix at SOCO

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 – OC Mart Mix Courtyard at SOCO


Making couple’s dreams come true is what we do. And this progressive luncheon was designed to deliver creative experiences for coordinators to draw inspiration for them.

The afternoon started with checking in at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity where the open and large space delighted the senses with cartoon characters we all knew and loved. As everyone moved the the courtyard to mingle outside, we strolled through B Bride and Design Visage where refreshing cocktails and h’dourves were served on this hot late summer day. Now available at B Bride is the Jenny Yoo collection of bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses with all the gorgeous accessories and talent to create a bride’s look like they had their very own personal stylist. A fun surprise was having DV artists give everyone a lip look for Fall that everyone really enjoyed.

The tables were designed for an afternoon tea with blush, ivory and white. Delicate lace linens provided by Wildflower Linen created a dreamy effect accented with the beautifully textured glass and tableware provided by Archive Vintage Rentals. The florals were filled with roses and orchids by White Sakuras. Eight randomly selected guests received the table art that complemented the decor in lieu of table numbers. Hand-painted by Bethany Thomas of Commemory Fine Art in the theme of the luncheon’s colors and names, the artwork became memorable keepsakes for guests to take home.

Culinary creations by Christopher Garren provided everyone with food combinations with the finest ingredients from scratch. Once especially delightful that so many raved about was his cucumber, onion and mint salad that was refreshing in a sweet and savory way. As everyone enjoyed lunch, the sounds of Marieve Herington Band and Dirty Sugar set the smooth sounds for new and old friends to catch up.

The afternoon concluded with a tour of Wildflower Linen by Youngsong Martin where our senses were filled with sumptuous colors, textures and delicious dessert – wedding cake varieties by Christopher Garren.


Special thanks to our hosts and sponsors –

Check-In Venue | Chuck Jones Center for Creativity | www.chuckjonescenter.org

Luncheon Venue | OC Mart Mix courtyard at SOCO | www.southcoastcollection.com

Catering | Christopher Garren | www.christophergarrens.com

Linens | Wildflower Linens | www.wildflowerlinens.com

Tabletop Rentals | Archive Vintage Rentals | www.archivevintagerentals.com

Hair and Makeup | Design Visage | www.designvisage.com

Bridal Accessories | B Bride | www.bbridestudio.com

Photography | Pure Love Photography | www.purelovephotography.com

Music | Marieve Herington Band | www.themarieveheringtonband.com

Music | Dirty Sugar | www.dirtysugarmusic.com

Florist | White Sakuras | www.whitesakuras.com

Table Art | Commemory Fine Art by Bethany | www.bethany-thomas.com

Paper Goods | Hot Shot Industries

April Social Meeting: St. Regis Monarch Beach

by Bethany Thomas, Commemory Fine Art

Raise your hand if you attended last week’s ABC-OC social event at the St. Regis Monarch Beach. Now keep your hand up if you expected a beautiful event based on the venue. Because your hand is still up – keep it up if your expectations were exceeded. We are willing to bet your hand is still in the air like these members –

  • “I had a fabulous time at the ABC event tonight!! This was my favorite flower and decor display!!! I loved it!! Thanks ABC for putting together the best event I have gone to in 6 years!!!”
  • “It was great to see all of the familiar faces and to meet all of the new ones at the St. Regis tonight!”
  • “As usual …first class all the way…great night.”

We were beyond thrilled with record-breaking attendance that had an exceptional experience thanks to the St. Regis staff and the ABC-OC board who brought in a variety of first-class companies to sponsor the event. From work-of-art floral and decor displays in the four corners of the ballrroom by, Enchanted Florist, tic-tock Couture Florals, White Lilac Inc., and Bloom Box to the deliciously prepared and stunning presentation of the food by St. Regis Monarch BeachItty Bitty Sweets,  Jay’s Catering, Hollywood Candy Girls, Simply Sweet Apples  and A Wish and a Whisk were delightful. Plus, the fashion show of bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses and mother-of-the-bride gowns by Carolina Herrera, The White Dress and Andrea’s Couture.

Did you win one of the fabulous prizes? A parting gift are these gorgeous photos by Lauren Hillary of Jim Kennedy Photographers. And don’t miss connecting with the fabulous sponsors listed below – enjoy!

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Thank you to all the sponsors who made this social meeting an exceptional experience. Please visit their websites and ‘like’ their pages for more information and ongoing updates about their services:

Florals | Enchanted Florist | www.nisiesenchanted.com
Florals | tic-tock Couture Florals | www.ticktock.com
Florals | White Lilac Inc. | www.whitelilacinc.com
Florals | Bloom Box | www.bloomboxdesigns.com
Bridal Gowns | Carolina Herrera | www.carolinaherrera.com
Bridesmaid Dresses | The White Dress | www.thewhitedress.com
Mother of the Bride Gowns | Andrea’s Couture | www.andreascouture.com
Photography | Jim Kennedy Photography | www.jimkennedyphotographers.com
Videography | Plug Video | www.plugvideo.com
Linens | Fusion Linens | www.fusionlinens.com
Hire Elegance| www.hire-elegance.com
Hair & Make-up | Design Visage | www.designvisage.com
Hair & Make-up | St. Regis Monarch Beach | www.stregismb.com
Media | Ceremony Magazine | www.ceremonymagazine.com
Treats | Itty Bitty Sweets | www.ittybittysweets.com
Treats | Jay’s Catering | www.jayscatering.com
Venue & Food | St. Regis Monarch Beach | www.stregismb.com
Candy Buffet | Hollywood Candy Girls | www.hollywoodcandygirls.com
Candy Apples | Simply Sweet Apples | www.sinnfullysweetgourmettreats.com
Desserts | A Wish and a Whisk | www.awishandawhisk.com
Photo Booth  | The Photo Booth Specialists | www.thephotoboothspecialists.com
Furniture Rental | Signature Party Rental | www.signatureparty.com
Giveaway | Shinodas Design Center | www.shinodadesigncenter.net
Entertainment | Tim Espinoza | www.theelectricviolinist.com
DJ | Invisible Touch Music | www.invisibletouchevents.com
Love Note Pad | InStyle Event Company | www.instyeleventco.com